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Activity 2: GIS and GIS-Applications - Projects

East West Window Maps (2008)

Transport Infrastructure and Accessibility Patterns in the Baltic Sea Region

Client:  Nordregio - Nordic Centre for Spatial Development (Stockholm)

In order to provide input for the drafting of the new VASAB Long Term Perspective (LTP) for the spatial development of the Baltic Sea Region RRG was commissioned by the TACIS project East West Window (EWW) to map existing and future transport infrastructures of the Baltic Sea Region (road, rail, airports, flight networks), as well as to calculate a number of different accessibility indicators for the countries concerned.

The following accessibility indicators are to be calculated at raster level (resolution: 2x2 km), and as aggregates at NUTS-2 and NUTS-3 region level:

  • Potential accessibility to population

  • Potential accessibility to GDP

  • Population potential within 50 km

  • Access to facilities of higher education

The indicator calculation as well as the cartographic works rely on the layers available in the RRG GIS Database.

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Futher Information:  Project leader Alexandre Dubois (Nordregio) or Carsten Schürmann for RRG.

Links on the web:  VASAB 2010

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