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Activity 2: GIS and GIS-Applications - Projects

Volkswagen AutoMuseum: Isochrones Maps for the Cities of Wolfsburg and Leipzig (2006 - 2007)

1985, 1990/1991, 2005 and 2025

Clients:  HOSOYA SCHAEFER ARCHITECTS (Zurich), Volkswagen AG (Wolfsburg)

RRG contributes to the exhibition on mobility at the Volkswagen Automobile Museum Wolfsburg by the generation and provision of road and rail isochrones maps for the cities of Wolfsburg and Leipzig for the years 1985, 1990/1991, 2005 and 2025.

The generated isochrones maps illustrate the development of travel times in the road and railway networks since 1985. The map series aims to visualise the impacts of the unification of the two German states on travel times, as well the implementation of the Verkehrsprojekte Deutsche Einheit (VDE) (i.e. transport projects German unification) and the trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T).

The 1985 maps serve as reference maps for the other maps to come, illustrating the situation before the unification of the two German states. The maps for 1990/1991 show the situation directly after the unification, but without completion of any transport projects in Eastern Germany. In 2005 many VDE-projects are already under traffic, leading to a significant extension of the isochrones for both cities in Eastern Germany. The 2025 maps provide an outlook on the future situation after the full implementation of the VDE and TEN-T projects.

All isochrones were calculated based on the RRG GIS Database of trans-European transport networks, based on the development of the road and rail networks since 1985. The RRG GIS Database includes the development of both the road and rail networks since 1975 for the whole of Europe, including a projection until 2025 based on the respective national and international (EC) outline plans.

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Futher Information:  Contact person (RRG) Carsten Schürmann.

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