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Fields of competence

RRG Spatial Planning and Geoinformation is offering consultant services in the fields of spatial planning, transport planning and geoinformation. The spatial context of our research activities ranges from the local level up to the European level, focussing on quantitative applied methods with explicit consideration of spatial patterns, developments and trends.

Beyond our activities in spatial research we are also active in the development of GIS-applications and GIS-products, as well as in the further development and improvement of GIS software, education in GIS and we are offering and distributing digital geodata.

These fields of competence are subdivided into the following three fields of activities:

Activity 1: Spatial Planning and Spatial Research

This activity is concerned with spatial planning and spatial research in transport, urban planning and regional planning, as well as spatial planning and the environment at the local, regional, national and European level. Further information on this field of activity can be found here.

Activity 2: GIS and GIS-Applications

This activity is concerned with GIS-related services (such as digitisations, map generation and map production, conceptualisation and generation of spatial geodatabases), with the development of GIS applications and graphical user interfaces, as well as with conducting GIS-based analyses and education in the field of GIS. Further information on this field of activity can be found here.

Activity 3: Geodata

This activity is concerned with the generation, provision and distribution of geodata. All geodata are collected, generated, produced, maintained and updated in-house. Available geodata are trans-European transport networks, administrative boundaries (NUTS classification), geographical datasets as well as interaction data and regional data. Further information on this field of activity can be found here.

Download info broschure

You may download a broschure (bilingual German-English) with further information about the company activities here.

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