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Activity 2: GIS and GIS-Applications - Projects

Interfaces between GIS, Transport Models and other Simulation Models (1997 - 2004)

Client:  own developement

The following interfaces between GIS and transport models have been developed recently:

  • ArcInfo–EMME/2

  • ArcInfo–SASI

  • ArcInfo/ArcGIS–IASON

  • ArcInfo-VSS (in co-operation with IRPUD)

Important development criteria to be considered for such interfaces are:

  • Data conversion from the GIS to transport model, and vice versa

  • Conversion of transport networks for all modes together and/or for individual modes

  • Conversion of traffic units and socio-economic base data

  • Capability to solve bi-directional link problem

  • Capability to merge or split certain attribute information

  • Possibility to convert network topology as well as detailed link alignment

  • Capabilities to define certain network scenarios and possibilities to convert subsets

  • Capabilities to edit network database

  • Graphical user interface

The following table characterises the developed interfaces using the above criteria:

Modes Road Road, rail Road, rail, waterways, flight network Road, rail, public transport
Traffic units, demographic data
Direction of conversion
-    From ArcInfo to ...
-    From ... to ArcInfo

Bi-directional link problem
-    Splitting
-    Aggregation

Link alignment
Merging / separation of attribute information
Traffic flows / link loads
Traffic matrices
Definition of network scenarios
Capabilities to edit network database
Graphical user interface
Type of implementation AML AML/Python VB/ODE Java/ODE
Number of modules 5 2 1 15
ArcInfo Version ArcInfo 7.x - 10.3.x ArcInfo 7.x - 10.3.x ArcGIS 8.x ArcInfo 7.x

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Trans-European Transport Networks (1996 - 2004)

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