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Interaction data and regional data - Quality of life

Data on the quality of life are part of the overall RRG Regional Data database. The quality-of-life-indicator for regions in Europe is a composite indicator derived by multi-criteria-analysis (MCA), comprising climatic conditions, landscape and touristic facilities. This indicator is specifically designed to capture the attractiveness of regions for retirement migrations. According to Kiemstedt (1967), the nature and landscape are influencing individual impressions and so migration decisions at three levels:

Firstly, they are a bearer of perceptible, optical impressions. Secondly, they enable balancing activities to people and finally they influence people by direct, physical climatic impacts. These three levels are then represented by the three categories climate, landscape and tourism. Each of the three categories is further comprising the three sub-indicators. Eventually, the overall list of indicators used is:

  • Temperature (climate)

  • Rainfall (climate)

  • Sunshine (climate)

  • Slope gradients (landscape)

  • Elevation differences (landscape)

  • Open space (landscape)

  • Development of shores (touristic facilities)

  • Degree of touristic development (touristic facilities)

  • Attractive towns (touristic facilities)

More information on the generation of the indicator can be found in the following online paper.

Data on quality-of-life can be provided for NUTS-2 level and NUTS-3 level regions in Europe.

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