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Concept for a German-Danish spatial monitoring system (2017)

Client:  State Chancellery Schleswig-Holstein (Kiel)
Partner:  Spatial Foresight (Heisdorf)

Together with Spatial Foresight, RRG supports the State Chancellery of Schleswig-Holstein in designing and concceptualizing a cross-border spatial monitoring system for the German-Danish border area. This initiative is embedded as one of seven case studies in a larger German-wide initiative launched by the BBSR as part of a project on Spatial monitoring for Germany and adjacent regions.
As part of a participatory process, potential users of such a monitoring system are being asked to identy their needs, ideas and wishes for a cross-border monitoring system, as a prerequisite for the conceptual and functional system design. The concept being developed will identify suitable themes and indicators, the spatial extent and geographical levels, as well as technical means for its implementation.
The project is jointly implemented by the State Chancellery of Schleswig-Holstein on the German side, together with Regions Syddanmark and Sjaelland as the Danish counterparts.

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