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Development of a system of indicators for monitoring the development of Sorbian/Wendish culture and language and their valorisation in Brandenburg (2022 - 2023)

Client:  Sorbian Institute (SI) (Bautzen)
Partner:  Plon GmbH (Cottbus)

Together with Plon GmbH, RRG was commissioned by the Sorbian Institute (SI) to develop an indicator system for monitoring the development of the Sorbian/Wendish language and culture. Lusatia is one of the regions most affected by structural change. The German federal government and the state governments of Brandenburg and Saxony support Lusatia in this process within the framework of various structural change projects. In this context, the further development of the Sorbian/Wendish culture and language is seen as a unique selling point. The objective of this project is to develop a system of indicators in consultation with local experts that is capable of measuring the developments initiated by the structural change. Project results are expected in spring 2023.

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