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RRG GIS Database

General information - Data formats

In general, the RRG GIS Database is maintained in form of individual coverages of ESRIí s ArcInfo/ArcGIS. Hence, the database is basically available as ArcInfo coverages (vers. 9.x).

Optionally, the database is also available as

  • ArcView Shapefiles

  • Personal Geodatabase of ArcGIS (vers. 9.x)

  • Specific ASCII file versions

All the four different formats contain the same set of information, i.e. include the same set of attributes assigned to the different layers. However, it is worth to mention that the four data formats handle database topology in different ways:

The ArcInfo coverage format and the ASCII file formats maintain all topological relationships between arcs and nodes, arcs and polygons, or polygons and labels. By default, the ArcView Shapefile format does not maintain these topological relationships, as each feature class will be provided as a separate shapefile. In the case of the personal geodatabase, it depends on the licence purchased whether or not the geodatabase includes any topological relationships. Each layer of the RRG GIS Database is available in the personal geodatabase as individual feature dataset and feature class. However, the basic personal geodatabase licence does not include any relationship classes between the different features and objects, whereas the advanced personal geodatabase licence does include such relationship classes.

As regards the ASCII file format, this specific format will maintain full topological relationships. However, the actual record structure of the ASCII file(s) is subject to individual agreements between RRG and the licensee.

Different data formats are applied to the interaction data and regional data. Since this type of data does not store geographical objects in the narrow sense, the data are not maintained and available as ArcInfo coverages, ArcView Shapefiles or ArcGIS personal geodatabase, but they are available in tabular or matrix format. Possible data formats here are:

  • ArcInfo Info Tables

  • Dbase files

  • MS Excel sheets

  • MS Access database files

  • Specific ASCII file formats

Please contact us if you wish to obtain access to the RRG GIS Database in different data formats.

RRG GIS Database contents:

General information

General database description
Projection and resolution
Number of features (overview)
Data formats
Main Features and Advantages
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Transport networks
Region boundaries, admninistrative boundaries
Interaction data and regional data
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