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Region boundaries, admninistrative boundaries - Regional cities (NUTS-3 centroids)

General information

This point layer provides the location and attributive information for NUTS-3 region centroids (‘regional cities’). The cities included in this layer are identical to the centroids of the NUTS-3 region layer. This layer can be used just for mapping purposes or as points of interest, but can also be used for specific analytical purposes. The main features of this coverage are:

Layer names: NUTS3CENT
Feature classes: points (*.PAT)
No of point features: 1,371
User attributes associated with PAT: 14

Detailed description of the point attribute table

The PAT of the NUTS3CENT coverage contains the following user-defined attributes:

Attribute Width Output Type Dec. Contents
POINTID 10 10 I --- Unique point ID xx.yyyy
xx = Country ID
yyyy = point number 0001 …
LABEL 30 30 CI --- City name
COUNTRY 4 4 C --- ISO country code
NUTS1_CODE 4 4 C --- NUTS-1 region code
NUTS2_CODE 6 6 C --- NUTS-2 region code
NUTS3_CODE 8 8 C --- NUTS-3 region code
POPCITY 8 8 I --- City population (in 1,000)
POPAGG 8 8 I --- Agglomeration population (in 1,000)
POPNUTS3 8 8 I --- Population of NUTS-3 region (in 1,000)
POPNUTS2 8 8 I --- Population of NUTS-2 region (in 1,000)
POPNUTS1 8 8 I --- Population of NUTS-1 region (in 1,000)
POPCOUNT 8 8 I --- Country population (in 1,000)
X-COORD 4 12 F 3 X-coordinate (in m)
Y-COORD 4 12 F 3 Y-coordinate (in m)

POINTID represents a unique point ID, with x.0000 representing the capital city (x = country ID). The POINTIDs of those cities that at the same time represent NUTS-2, NUTS-1 or NUTS-0 region centroids are identical to the POINTIDs in the NUTS0CENT or NUTS1CENT or NUTS2CENT layers.

LABEL gives the name of the city.

COUNTRY indicates the ISO country code of the country in which the city is located, whereas NUTS1_CODE, NUTS2_CODE and NUTS3_CODE provide the official NUTS-1, NUTS-2 and NUTS-3 region codes as published by Eurostat in which the city is located.

POPCITY, POPAGG, POPNUTS3, POPNUTS2, POPNUTS1 and POPCOUNT provide actual population figures for the city (POPCITY), the entire agglomeration area (POPAGG), for the respective NUTS-3 (POPNUTS3), NUTS-2 (POPNUTS2) and NUTS-1 regions (POPNUTS1) and for the overall country (POPCOUNT). If a city does not constitute a greater agglomeration area, then the population figures provided in POPAGG and POPCITY are identical.

X-COORD and Y-COORD give the geographical position of the city centre.

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