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RRG GIS Datenbasis
General Information
Transport networks
Regions boundaries, administrative boundaries
Interaction data and regional data
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RRG GIS Database

Geography - Available geographic datasets

The geography layers are part of the overall RRG GIS Database. These layers are basically used for cartographic work and map production, as they provide basic geographic features and objects. Three different layers are available:

(1) The Cities in Europe layer provides the geographical position of all European cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, along with associated attributive information. Under certain conditions also smaller cities are included, if they have a certain political, economic or cultural importance.

(2) The shorelines and water bodies layer provides the shores of oceans and great lakes in Europe in form of an arc layer.

(3) The annotation layer represents annotations of specific points of interest in Europe.

In addition to these layers we also offer

(a) the generation of individual raster systems (grid systems) for various purposes. The resolution of the raster system can be defined subject to the specific analysis requirements, covering the whole of Europe or only individual parts thereof.


(b) the geocoding (georeferencing) of addresses by using the RRG Address Locator. The accuracy of the geocoded addresses will be at ZIP code level. Geocoding, however, is currently only possible for Germany.

RRG GIS Database contents:

General information
Transport networks
Region boundaries, admninistrative boundaries

Available geographic datasets
Cities in Europe
Annotation layer
Raster systems
Geocoding Addresses

Interaction data and regional data
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