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RRG GIS Datenbasis
General Information
Transport networks
Regions boundaries, administrative boundaries
Interaction data and regional data
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RRG GIS Database

General information - Contact, license and ordering information

In general, the RRG GIS Database covers and is available for the whole of Europe, i.e. for all countries of the European Union (old and new Member States), for EU Candidate countries and for the remaining European countries. Upon request it is of course possible to license spatial subsets of the database, i.e. individual countries or regions or groups of countries or groups of regions. Moreover, it is also possible to license logical subsets of the database; for example, if you would like to obtain all motorways of the road network layer only, or only all high speed railway lines, it is possible to extract such individual subsets and provide them in the data format requested.

Each layer of the database can be ordered separately, but it is also possible to compile individual sets of layers. Finally, there is the possibility to license the full RRG GIS Database CD-ROM, which provides the data as specified here.

Unlike the GIS layers, all interaction data and regional data will be generated upon request. The specific parameter settings applied will be defined in cooperation with the client. Interaction data and regional data can be ordered as individual indicators, or as individual set of indicators.

For further information about or specific requests on the RRG GIS Database and for licensing information and license conditions, please contact

Carsten Schürmann
Büro f. Raumforschung, Raumplanung u. Geoinformation (RRG)
RRG Spatial Planning and Geoinformation
Eichenweg 16
D-23758 Oldenburg i.H.
Tel. +49 (0) 4361 508 777
Fax +49 (0) 4361 508 779
Email: cs@brrg.de

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RRG GIS Database contents:

General information

General database description
Projection and resolution
Number of features (overview)
Data formats
Main Features and Advantages
Contact, license and ordering information

Transport networks
Region boundaries, admninistrative boundaries
Interaction data and regional data
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